People who have some experience vaping will understand that different vaping styles create different feels and flavors from the e-liquid. Once people have tried a few different flavors and devices, it might be helpful to try out different styles of vaping. Dripping and cloud chasing are two different styles that people should try. It might reveal a certain flavor feel that fits that personal style a little bit better.



Dripping is a great style for people who are looking to preserve their e-liquid. People will drip the flavor directly onto their coils instead of going through the device. This actually prolongs the life of the e-liquid because people will use it drop by drop instead of the traditional method. The e-liquid will be vaporized one drop at a time which might create a slightly lower flavor hit; however, some people prefer this to the traditional method. Furthermore, it gives people more control over their flavor because they can increase the amount of flavor by increasing the number of drops when necessary. This method does have some safety concerns because of the direct contact of the e-liquid with the coils but experienced users will not have any trouble using this method.


Cloud Chasing

The style is in the description as people launch a large cloud of vapor into the air and follow it to find their flavor. This is an advanced style that people develop and hone over time by using various atomizers and mechanical modifications. In fact, there are competitions where people try to launch the largest clouds and win prizes. This is an advanced method with safety concerns so people should be cautious with their modifictions and atomizers to avoid overloading the system. In addition, battery safety is also a major concern. Some people enjoy the unique flavor that comes from cloud chasing and might want to invest in their own modifications to find their own style. Keep safety in mind.

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