We are proud to offer high-quality e-liquids made in the USA to our customers. Our line of e-cigarette liquids are made from nothing but the best materials that are free from contamination. Not only do we offer the best e-cigarette liquids, we create products that are consistent from batch to batch. Quality and consistency is our company standard when it comes to making smokejuice.

The Difference Between E-Liquids Made in the USA as Opposed to Overseas.

E-cigarette refill liquids are made in various different countries with varying levels of manufacturing oversight. What this means for the consumer is getting an e-cig liquid that’s made from lesser quality materials. Lower grade glycerin, nicotine, and propylene glycol can contain contaminants that are harmful to the user. The smokejuice may be cheaper, but there is a potential price to pay in the long run, and an unnecessary one at that.

Our liquid for electronic cigarettes is made from USP Grade: Kosher materials. This is a high standard that requires the utmost in purity from ingredients. The glycerin we use is made from Malaysian palm, which means that users who have peanut allergies can use our e-cig liquid without concern. We test our liquids to ensure that the nicotine levels are as stated. In fact, each batch of our raw materials are sent out to a third-party laboratory for purity and quality testing. We make it a point to provide our users with nothing but the best in vapor supplies.

All of the ingredients we use are sourced from high quality producers to create a natural tasting e-liquid. Users of our e-cig liquids can be assured that they are inhaling nothing but the purest of vapor from our cigarette liquid.